WAVA design is a design studio that blends the industrial with the innovative. For us, the industrial embodies the essence of productivity with its bare essentialism providing that elegance of form and function. While the innovative is how to adapt these forms and functions to fit the way we want to create our world.

WAVA design was formed after our first design, the innovative WAVA light was awarded first prize in an international design competition.

WAVA design specialises in the areas of Lighting & Product Design, Architectural & Interior Design.


“the essence of light is in its origins”

Throughout our relatively short history of having controlled electrical light, our curiosity has been to study and understand what are the physical and scientific theory’s underpinning light itself. From the development of engineering ability to produce light, to the design of how the forms of light should be best applied and utilised to the requirements, ambitions, and desires of human needs as we continue to develop.

Wava light is born from this theory of “light”. An elemental light fixture at its core, Wava holds a strong reference to the key attributes defining our understanding of light.


At its core, the modular form of Wava, in addition to the interconnectivity of the each Wava module facilitates the adaptive development of the design from a singular lighting entity, to the collective of multi-entity arrangements, right through to entire lighting systems.


The design of the biggest, greatest and most successful of buildings, is that perfect balance between people and place. Central to the philosophy of everything we design is exactly that. We push the limits to strive to truly understand these seemingly basic elementals, as excellence in architecture creates that perfect balance between people and their place.

We offer both interior and architectural services from concept design by presenting our ideas with sketches, material boards and 3ds also initial planning to building permits and final design.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer extraordinary creativity and a personal approach to every project. Wava seeks the best and technical solutions for a range of budgets. 


241 Parkway , Camden Town, London NW1 7PN

Full internal refurbishment including new shopfront and back extension.

The Blue Legume, 2015

259 Muswell Hill Broadway, N10 1DE, London

Full internal refurbishment including new shopfront.

Private House, 2014

Southgate, London

The proposal is a new extensionon the ground floor level also roof conversion.

La Petite Auberge – Phase 2

283 Upper Street, N1 2TZ, London

Full internal refurbishment

La Petite Auberge – Phase 1 March 2012

283 Upper Street, N1 2TZ, London

Full internal refurbishment

Fig & Olive Restaurant, 2003

151 Upper Street, N11RA, London

Full internal refurbishment including new shopfront.

Digital Visualisation

“to see is to believe”
The power if seeing goes beyond simply allow us to believe! it provided us with something much more important and intimate, it give us the opportunity to experience and understand. At Wava we utilise the latest modelling and rendering software not just for the purpose of making high quality images, but to showcase the essence of our designs and the vision of our clients.

We also specialise in computer generated images (CGI),

Full range of services in visual effects provided; 

3D visualisation of your project including final design renders and full-colour elevations.


Dorumer Weg 7, 2016

Bremerhaven, Germany

Cesme villa, 2012


Adıyaman Disability foundation, 2011



Bathroom for a private client, 2016


Kitchen for a private client,2016


LAZ Camden, 2016


Simit house, 2015


Living room for a private client, 2015


Bedroom for a private client, 2014


Living room for a private client, 2014


Our Team

We work hard to produce quality projects.

David Beirne

B.Sc. (Hons)
Furniture Technology &
Product Design
GMIT Letterfrack

Canan Karahasanoglu

MSc. Architecture: Computing and Design.
University of East London,
London, UK.

MSc. Architecture: Urban Design
BSc+Diploma inArchitecture
Mimar Sinan University,
Istanbul, Turkey.

Trayan Andonov Haralanov

1999 -2004
Faculty of Fine Arts,
Bursa Uludag University, Turkey.

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